Background Checks

Background Checks

We can carry out background screening services for a range of different clients. Whether you need a criminal check or employment check, we can help.

Background Checks

There are all sorts of reasons why you may wish to undertake background checks and we can help you with this.  You may be running your own business and maybe looking for trustworthy local employees. 

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You may even be looking to employ someone privately to help look after family affairs.  Ultimately, you will be looking to gain confidence in the people you take on.  While you may well want to take people on at their word, there is certainly no harm in running surveillance on employee history.

Our background investigation services use scores of different screening systems and services to ensure that we build clear, concise pictures of the people you are hoping to be dealing with.  The screening industry is extremely competitive. 

There has never been a bigger need for employee security and company confidence. Why not seek support from a nearby firm with years of experience in background checking and employment screening, and with the talent and expertise you need in clearing people to work for you?

Don't let lack of investigation falter your business's integrity, make sure to carry out the best background screening process for your company for each and every applicant you hire. 

It is more than worth it, you never know what dirt you may dig up. 

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Criminal Background Check

Before hiring anyone, whether for a firm or for private work, a criminal check is an absolute must in the corporate industry. This is especially the case if you are to employ people who will be working with children, the elderly or otherwise vulnerable. 

Corporate investigations may also need to be thought about, in order to protect a large organization.

Criminal background checks have become a necessary part of the hiring process.

While you may wish to undertake a background check yourself or through national channels, it may make more sense to consult an expert in your surrounding areas.

Your own background checks may take up your time and they may not be in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act or you may not be aware that you should report your findings to the Office of Foreign Assets Control under local laws.

If the pre-employment checks were to find any red flags, an individual may be placed on the list of Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons, so it's important that a background screening or credit report shows the complete picture as there may be dangerous repercussions otherwise.

Our team are experts in background checking, reference checks, criminal activity search services and background investigations, so it would be wise to leave the job applicant or criminal screening process to the professionals, as we have carried out social security trace services many times. 

These checks will help you learn more about an individual before you take them on. It will determine if they have been honest on their applications and evaluate the applicant's compliance with the truth.

While many people take on a background investigation or two to ensure that they are hiring the right staff, there may also be private circumstances through which you need that extra bit of confidence. 

We are always happy to comply and support any checks and background investigations you wish to put into place.

We work through legal channels and with a variety of bodies to cross-reference data and to build you a solid portfolio on anyone you need to know more about in the UK.

Employment Background Screening

Employment checks are essential for company confidence. While a potential hire may state that they have no criminal record and that they have not been sacked from previous roles due to criminal activity, employers cannot always take someone at their word, they may have to search for the truth. 

Reference checks are also part of the employer's recruitment process for new hires, where employers typically search for confirmation that their candidate's records and data are honest before they hire the applicant.

Employers have a right to know the truth about the people they are adding to their business.

Candidates may think they can pull the wool over their employer's eyes, however, it isn't uncommon in the business industry for such checks to be carried out to give the employer peace of mind.

Frauds within a business can have detrimental repercussions for an organization, so it is recommended that employers do their due diligence prior to the hire of a new employee.

It's nothing personal, it's simply the regulations that ensure an employer can trust this new person to be a positive asset to their business. 

Applicants have to understand that an organization cannot risk the downfall of their positioning in their industry, due to hiring staff that don't match their corporate values and morals.

Criminal background checks or a criminal search could help you explore prospective employees:

  • Criminal history and criminal records
  • Credit reports and credit history
  • National security numbers and social security number
  • Education history
  • National origin
  • Personal references

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Major Checks

We always advise that employers run the same checking processes overall applicants, such as criminal background checks. First impressions are everything, but you're going to need solid evidence that applicants will do right by you in the long run.

Some of the major checks you can run on individuals cover the following bases:

  • Previous residential and contact information
  • Property details such as ownership/rental details
  • Financial information such as bankruptcies and CCJs
  • Criminal histories, previous convictions etc.
  • National status for eligibility to work
  • Records on marriage, partnership or divorce
  • Details regarding employee absence and employee illness

Employers may not need to undertake all of these checks at any one time; however, it is still useful to know which bases will be covered in the report for your records. 

Need a background check agency near me who can help you find out everything you need to know about your applicants? Our team are here to help.

Pre-employment Screening

Anyone applying for a job, regardless of industry, should know that there will be some form of investigation which takes place, by employers, before they are hired.

There is a wealth of data kept in various databases and report records up and down the UK. 

With the right tools and the right professionals by your side, as an employer, you will be able to learn more about what your potential employees have gotten up to in their previous lines of work.

Employee illness, for example, is something you may wish to consider scoping out before taking on a new member of staff. 

Regardless of whether they seem healthy, or if they inform you that they have a solid attendance record, it will always be worth your time to check. 

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Employee absence can have a huge knock-on effect on your company or business. Consider how much time and money could be wasted if your staff simply don’t show up for work!

We are the closest investigating agency many firms have when it comes to narrowing down the finer details.

We encourage you to think about everything you’d like to know about your potential hires before they sign on the dotted line, as an employer it is worth your time to check in on your staff's personal records. 

We help employers build a full picture before they start taking people on board!

Online Background Services

The background screening process is now quicker than ever to search for background information on individuals. Online background searches can be completed while you wait, meaning you will only ever have to enter in a handful of details to get the report started. 

Our service will allow you to check for information and records on various people, such as potential job candidates, without the need for clumsy paperwork or reams of bulky information.

Online investigations are fast, reliable and worth considering, no matter what industry your work is in. 

Background Check Cost

Many firms will want or need to know about a background check cost before they get started. This is only too easy to understand! 

While we don’t list our fees outright on our website, we do invite our customers and clients to call us directly or to email us for a free quote. 

There are several variables that can go into building an investigation project for you, which is why we insist you give us a call or send us an email so that we can offer you a bespoke package and service.

Do you need to run criminal background screening on new employees or private hires to find their employment history or criminal records?

Worried about the financial history of the people working under you? Don’t be afraid to run a little surveillance every now and again to protect your business. 

Don’t leap into employee hires on word of mouth alone. Get access to some concrete evidence that will offer you the confidence you need to keep growing your firm.

Other Services We Offer

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Whether it is a background check for an employee or a catfish investigation our team can help you.

We can access public record data and reports, we have experience in using state sources and detective skills to find the answers employers are looking for. Our stroke width is huge and we can explore any area of background screening that you feel is relevant to protecting your business. 

Employers have a right to check their candidates or applicant's background, they have an organization to protect. 

Why not fill in our enquiry form today and speak to one of our experts at Best Private Investigator? We will get back to you as soon as possible with information on the investigations we can carry out. 

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