Catfish Investigation in Ashford

Catfish Investigation in Ashford

Our team can carry out a catfish investigation if you are worried about meeting someone you've been speaking to online. Please enquire today for more details.

Catfish Investigation in Ashford

Whether or not you watch reality TV, catfish investigation in Ashford TW15 2 is more common than you may think.  Online dating has grown to become a multi-million-pound industry, and as such, there's likely to be plenty of people you know who have already found a few dates through their smartphones. 

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However, there are sadly more than a few people who are willing to trick or scam users into believing they are talking to someone they're not.

For many users, we are the closest allies they have when it comes to finding people or when it comes to sussing out romance scams.  Dating site fraud is very real. 

You need to be more careful now than ever before – and with dating site scams arriving in all shapes and sizes, you may sometimes need the help and advice of a local expert with access to background data from various systems and sources.

Our professional investigators can help you with various situations, so please feel free to get in touch.

Catfish Investigator

It's not just infidelity investigations we can carry out. We can also investigate online dates and ensure it is not a catfish or fraud.

A catfish Investigator is someone who has your best interests at heart.  Unfortunately, there will be people out there who use date sites and other social media to scam and trick people. 

The danger with dating site fraud lies in the fact that you are not only risking getting your heart broken, but you may also be risking losing plenty of money in the bargain.

It is not always so easy to spot a catfish on the surface.  The term 'catfish' has been spawned by a popular documentary and TV series which focuses on investigating people who scam others through fake profiles. 

Inspired by the catfishing phenomenon, we have been undertaking private dating investigations for private clients for several years now.

If your potential date seems to be withholding information, or if they are constantly changing dates to meet up with you, you may be dealing with a catfish.  If this is the case, you are going to need the confidence to take further action. 

Whether this means cutting off all contact or even getting the police involved, you are going to need solid evidence to back you up.  Let us be your closest allies in the fight against catfishing and all other forms of online fraud.

Dating Site Fraud

Our nearby dating site fraud team in Ashford TW15 2 will be able to help you run background checks on the people you believe you are in contact with.  Catfish is not just a TV show – it is a phenomenon which happens hundreds of times a day up and down the UK. 

To this end, our team have worked hard to focus our work on helping those who may be getting caught out by unscrupulous people using services such as Tinder and OKCupid.

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Romance fraud is rife.  While people may seem genuine at first and may even be willing to meet with you, if you feel someone may not be genuine, it is time to listen to your gut. What's more, it is always a good idea to approach a private investigator if you feel issues are lurking in that person's history. 

We don't necessarily mean criminal or financial checks; however, they can become part of a wider investigation.  Looking for a catfish investigation team near me? We're here to find you the evidence and confidence you need to get to the bottom of things.

Dating Site Scams

Dating site scams and romance scams are all too common.  They don’t just happen in the US!  Many local people throughout our surrounding areas find themselves tricked and scammed into dates and relationships with people who genuinely don’t exist, or who aren’t who they say they are. 

Common tricks may be easier to spot thanks to the Catfish TV show; however, you may still need an experienced investigator by your side if you want to get to the bottom of who a person really is.  You can hide behind an online profile, however, eventually, things have to come to a head.

If you are worried about being catfished, always look for the following behaviour:

  • Very few photos or pictures online
  • Very little social media presence
  • Conversations are focused on money or wealth
  • Dates may not be willing to meet up or keep cancelling at the last minute
  • Profile information is limited or appears to have been lifted from elsewhere.

We are local private investigators who can help to catch a cheat, a scammer, a catfish or otherwise at your request.  We use legal channels and means when it comes to all our investigations. Don't be caught out by romance scams!

Online Dating Private Investigator in Ashford

An online dating private investigator will be able to get to work for you right away. We'll make sure to discuss your catfish investigation in Ashford TW15 2 with you in detail before we start, meaning that you can always be assured that you know exactly what you're getting into. 

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We will also be up front and honest about fees and costs, building you a bespoke tariff when you call. There's no obligation to get started, and we will never introduce hidden fees along the way.

Romance and dating fraud are particularly bad.  This is why we are proud to be able to track down people and to help build cases for those who have been taken advantage of. 

Why leave it until too late?  If you have any concerns about the people you are chatting to via Tinder, you should consider speaking to a local expert right away.

Private Investigator Online Dating Background Check

A private investigator online dating background check ( could be all you need to regain your confidence and to rejoin the dating game.  The last thing you want to do is to spend time, effort and even money on chasing someone who may or may not exist. 

Spotting a scammer isn’t always easy, but we have the best tools and experience to help you find out more about alleged catfish.

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