Surveillance Investigator

Surveillance Investigator

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Covert Surveillance

Covert Surveillance

We can carry out covert surveillance across the UK. If you would like to speak to one of our detectives, please complete our contact form now.

Surveillance Investigator

In the corporate world, it’s not always so easy to know who you’re working with.  While you may have initial gut confidence in your employees, new hires, new leads and even in your competition, there may come a time where things start to look a little shaky. 

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This, ultimately, is when you’re going to need to think about launching an investigation, and getting a surveillance investigator to carry out a private investigation.

Our private detective services will work on behalf of your company or firm to monitor any individuals you feel may be costing you money and reputation without you realising it. 

We will work impartially on your behalf to look deeply into public records and to set up CCTV systems and video surveillance to obtain evidence that would otherwise be difficult for you to come by.

Whether you are looking for infidelity investigations or something else, our private investigation services can help. 

Most surveillance investigators need a license in private investigation, and our private investigations team are no different. All of our team hold a state license and their registration number can be provided upon request by the local information commissioner's office.

We can provide both corporate surveillance and domestic surveillance.

If you need a local surveillance investigator and are unsure who to turn to, you can call our nearby team today for advice without any obligation.

Counter Surveillance

While we work as private investigators as per our expertise and jobs trade, we will also be able to help with counter-surveillance needs.

Our surveillance investigators are experts in surveillance methods and have carried out many surveillance investigator jobs and law enforcement roles across the UK.

Surveillance investigator jobs require skills and knowledge of criminal justice, criminal law and law enforcement; so we make sure to only use private investigation advisors who are highly skilled in:

  • Background Checks
  • Video Surveillance
  • Video Evidence
  • Detailed Reports
  • Location Investigation
  • Surveillance Equipment
  • Surveillance Methods
  • Criminal Justice
  • Criminal Law

A surveillance investigator is advised when you feel that you are being illegally monitored or tapped by a source who is seeking to gain information from you, as a private investigator is trained to collect evidence from private individuals. 

While our surveillance investigator services are completely legal, there are many circumstances through which our surveillance investigators simply cannot wiretap or set up video surveillance, under criminal law.

One such illegal reason for tapping and spying is to get an unfair advantage. Counter surveillance, by our surveillance investigators, will help you identify areas where you may be getting watched or monitored without realising. 

Our surveillance investigators and private investigators have years of training and expertise in the trade and therefore know exactly what to look for.

What may seem unassuming to the naked eye may actually be hiding something sinister underneath.

The video systems are getting more and more sophisticated and more and more covert, but our surveillance investigators ensure to stay up to date with evolving technology. 

While we always use our surveillance investigator equipment and expertise for good, and to help legitimate concerns and claims our clients have across our surrounding areas, we can also help to crack down on negative surveillance in return. 

Don’t ever fall prey to wiretapping or covert cameras! 

Covert Surveillance

Our covert surveillance standards will ensure that you have eyes on your premises at all times. If you have recently suffered from theft or damage to your assets and/or premises, it makes sense to really upgrade your security standards. 

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If you suspect foul play at any level and for any reason, you’ll also need to consider taking on a talented investigator to get into the nitty-gritty jobs for you. 

We use systems as diverse as bugs, taps, mobile vans and even GPS to help track and survey areas or individuals you believe to be working against your interests.  Hiring a private detective or investigator is a safe process. 

It is far safer and therefore more recommended than undertaking this type of work yourself.

In fact, going ‘DIY’ on investigative surveillance may result in you breaking the law.  This is obviously something you are going to want to avoid!  We make sure to use legal, high-quality and covert camera and microphone systems to get the answers we need. 

We passionately work on behalf of all of our clients to hunt down evidence that they can rely on.

This type of investigation will also help to bolster any legal claims you may wish to proceed with. For example, if you choose to dismiss an employee, you can build a firm case with covert surveillance.  This will help you to avoid unnecessary payouts at tribunals. 

We can offer covert surveillance for potential catfish dates and much more.

Our aim as a local firm is to supply companies and individuals with irrefutable evidence. That can involve having to set up intensive equipment. Rest assured, however, we will do everything it takes to offer you complete peace of mind.

Investigative Surveillance

Unsure whether or not you need to take on investigative surveillance? Our investigators will work silently and covertly for you and will take complete impartiality in your case, working to get the job done. 

From static observation to more intensive surveillance, if you have a concern about an employee, it’s time to get to the bottom of it.

For example, many individuals lie on their CVs and find jobs that may require qualifications, such as a Bachelor's degree, when they in fact don't possess this qualification.

This can impact the integrity of your business and the internal jobs, and many employers would be none the wiser of the fictional Bachelor's degree; so a surveillance investigator can help find evidence and restore your businesses virtue.

Here are just a few reasons why you may wish to hire a private investigator to help bolster your surveillance cause:

  • You have noticed the theft of money or assets
  • You have notice employees acting strangely
  • You suspect that an employee has been lying about their skills
  • Sensitive information is being leaked to competitors
  • You are concerned that your rivals have an unfair advantage
  • You’re worried that you may be getting tapped
  • You need to build evidence for the court in case of dismissal of a civil suit
  • You’re worried about your firm’s reputation

All of the above are legitimate reasons for calling a private investigator near me. If you need a nearby, highly skilled, expert to support you with surveillance equipment and expertise, it only takes a quick phone call.

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We're also proud to be able to offer affordable rates for surveillance and investigation. While we don't list all our fees online, we encourage our clients to call or email our team directly to find out more.

This is so that we can build you a bespoke quote based on exactly what is needed to get the clients job done. 

Therefore, Best Private Investigator Limitednever insert hidden fees or costs along the way. We want to be completely upfront with you – and you'll never pay more than what you expect at the end of a case.

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It can seem a little bit of a bold step to hire a surveillance investigator however if you are genuinely concerned that foul play or wrongdoing may be taking place, it’s time to take action! Our surveillance investigators possess all the surveillance equipment needed to find the truth. 

Never undergo surveillance on your own beyond CCTV installation! Our surveillance investigators have years of experience in collecting evidence.

Fill in our enquiry form to contact our expert private detective agency today and speak with our surveillance investigators without obligation.  Alternatively, you can also email us with your details at your convenience.  Don’t suffer in silence. 

The sooner you take action against potential wrongdoing in your firm, the better. If this means you or a surveillance investigator have to closely survey your surroundings, then so be it!

Surveillance investigators work closely with companies and clients on many related jobs to gather more information and provide complete transparency to employers.

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