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Find a Person

If you are hoping to find a person you have lost contact with, our team can help you. Please complete our enquiry form for details on how to do this.

Find a Person

Struggling to find a person you were once close to?  Need help tracing old friends, or to look for individuals who you may need to follow up with for business reasons? 

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We run a comprehensive private investigation service, working with various systems and background checks to hunt down anyone you need help with tracing.  We only ever work through completely legal channels, those of which are used by professionals to hunt down information and to check data on a regular basis.

We can find a person near you as well as areas further away from you.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to track those who appear to have vanished without a trace.  Time can often drive people apart, too.  While it is easier than ever before to use the internet to find old friends and what they are up to, not everyone is so keen to share their information.  However, there is plenty of data stored in public records and systems which can be used to help point you in the right direction.

It’s a shame when people fall out of touch.  Our service can be used to help trace old friends and can be used to put you back in touch with those that matter to you.

Tracing People

Tracing people is completely legal as it is making use of public records and systems which can help to analyse such data.  While we w-ork as private investigators for a variety of different purposes and means, we are also able to help with private matters and concerns.

We endeavour to use all the tools at our disposal alongside our years of experience and expertise.  Therefore, you can be assured that we will always do our best by you to track down those who have left your life for one reason or another.

You may even want to find a person for professional reasons.  If you want to hire someone who has disappeared off the radar in years gone by, we can help with that, too. 

While some people may not be too public about their whereabouts and what they may be up to, one consultation with us will put you in the right direction, and on the hunt for those who you want to reconnect with. 

All you need to do is to provide us with as much information as you possibly can.  We will sit down with you and make an effort to understand your situation, and how we can help you moving forward.  Don’t be afraid to speak to an expert or friendly investigator who can help you reconnect with the right individuals.

People Finding

People finding can be tiring work if you are taking it all on yourself.  While you may be able to find plenty of information through public channels and social media, there may be many more questions you are struggling to answer.  That’s where our team comes in.

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If you are in need of a nearby expert who can help you find people at short notice, we will build a project for you with a reliable quote that you can comfortably afford.  We will never hide fees or introduce extra costs you simply aren’t expecting. 

We build bespoke projects based on a number of different factors.  Each case is different, which is why it is important that we support you with a tailored approach to your needs.

People finding is all about looking for the right records and pursuing the right leads.  There may be many different people with the same name.  However, we know exactly how to narrow down the search results. 

By providing us with as much information as you can, we will be ready to follow up and find old employees, friends and more.

Trace People

There are plenty of good reasons why you may wish to trace people:

  • You’ve lost contact with an old friend
  • You want to know more about what distant family members are up to
  • You’d like to find an old colleague to rehire
  • You need to pursue a debtor -
  • You’d like to know more about certain individuals for legal reasons

We are also experts in background checks for a variety of other purposes.  We are specialised in matrimonial surveillance and even in helping people build cases against a cheating partner.  Whether your need to surveillance (, check and trace individuals for professional or personal reasons, allow us to build a comprehensive portfolio for you.  We’ll deliver everything you need to know in a simple package, and you won’t need to pay for it until you get the results.

Tracing Old Friends

Sometimes, tracing old friends isn’t as simple as going on social media and doing a few quick searches.  You can’t always find the people you are looking for in this way.  Therefore, you need the help of your closest experts in background checks and people finding. 

Our team have all the best tools to take on deeper, more intensive searches, building projects for our clients to ensure that they can confidently reconnect with the people they have lost touch with.

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We support clients all over our surrounding areas when it comes to finding people.  However, with our help, you will be able to find a person who may have moved overseas long ago! 

Our records-hunting skills have no boundaries, which means we are much more than your local search engine. 

We are investigators who leave no stone unturned.  We always encourage you to discuss your case with us clearly when you first consult with us – so that we know which channels to pursue first, and who we need to start looking for.

Our team can also offer corporate investigations and much more.

Find Old Friends

Struggling to find old friends online?  Need help from a nearby investigation team who can probe a little deeper for you?  Worry no more.  Contact our team today for more information by completing our enquiry form if you have any specific needs or concerns.

Finding people near you and in other areas starts with putting the right tools to work.  Worried that you’ve lost touch for good?  Give us a go before you consider giving up completely!

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